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* Releasing progress-linux version 3.6.11-2+progress5u1.HEADprogress-linux/3.6.11-2+progress5u1progress-linuxDaniel Baumann11 days1-0/+12
* Updating check of existing .gitolite.rc to work with symlinks too (Closes: #8...Daniel Baumann11 days1-1/+1
* Updating vcs fields.Daniel Baumann11 days1-2/+4
* Updating bugs field.Daniel Baumann11 days1-0/+1
* Updating uploaders field.Daniel Baumann11 days1-1/+2
* Updating maintainer field.Daniel Baumann11 days1-1/+2
* Adding debian version 3.6.11-2.debian/3.6.11-2debianDaniel Baumann11 days37-0/+2272
* Adding upstream version 3.6.11.upstream/3.6.11upstreamDaniel Baumann11 days185-0/+21818
* Initial commit.Daniel Baumann11 days0-0/+0